We know that most people don't like having their picture taken! We know that when we take pictures of people and they are unaware we get some much better shots!

This is quite hard to do in a studio setting, but.. we like to think we are good at it! If you are bringing young children we always allow time for them to settle in and play, before taking them into the studio, we get much better photos this way, and lets face it, if the kids are relaxed the parents tend to follow suit!

The quality of our work is important to us and so we don't rush you in and out of the door. If the weather is good we can also offer you a walk round the garden or woodland and take photos in our lovely tranquil setting, these informal shots are a firm favourite with many of our customers. Especially the children and people who feel very self conscious in front of the bright studio lights.

We want you to enjoy your visit to us and the photos we produce, hopefully that way you will visit us again.

 We can also offer you the option of a bespoke lifestyle shoot in your own home or garden, or simply a place of your choice, please refer to our commercial and event photograph pages for further information and pricing.